We have started a new web site.

We would like to join with families everywhere and pray for a love one that needs salvation, for sickness, financial needs or anything else a family might need.
We believe that the more of us that pray together the stronger our prayers will be.
We ourselves have love ones that need salvation and other things that we pray for just like any other family.
We would love to have you to join us for a couple of minutes every Tuesday at 7 pm and lets pray together and see what God has in store for us.

We would like for you to check out our new web page and see what we are doing.And if you can help in anyway we would shore be grateful.

It is familiesinprayer.org



My wife has been traveling around praying for people for healing's and any needs they have.
We have also started a track ministry. We have been going to malls/ Wal-Mart's, hospitals and any other place where God leads us to. We believe it is not enough just for us to make it to Heaven it is our responsibly to get as many people in Gods Kingdom as we can. We have purchased a track from Livingwaters and a poem that I read in a book called my friend. Anyone interested in getting the word out let us know and we will help you get started.I have started to design other tracks to help get the message out there